Latourell Falls Elopement // Anna + Bryce

When I think of a dreamy waterfall elopement, my mind always go to Latourell Falls! This spot nearby the Columbia River Gorge is one of the best locations to elope in Oregon. It is a quick 2 minute walk down to Latourell Falls from the parking lot with stunning views.

Anna and Bryce were planning to get married next October, but one day I got an email from her out of the blue asking what I had planned for this October 2nd. I didn’t have anything scheduled, and she asked me if I would be down to shoot their ELOPEMENT at Latourell Falls in one month!!! Of course I said heck YES. While I love a good wedding, I am totally in awe of the beauty of elopements. There are so many places you can visit and say your vows surrounding in nature, like this little waterfall. Latourell Falls definitely isn’t the best spot for large crowds because of its narrow trails but it is perfect for small groups. Anna and Bryce chose to have a ten minute ceremony right in front of the waterfall surrounded by ten of their closest family and friends. After their ceremony they headed back to their airbnb and had takeout for dinner. These are my kind of people!!

Planning a spur of the moment elopement doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it should be as easy as taking a fresh breath of air. Any stress should float right off your shoulders and leave you feeling confident in your choice! That’s the beauty of eloping. It can be whatever you want it to be – you and your babe make the rules. Oregon has a million places to elope, that’s one of the best parts of the Pacific Northwest. You have the Oregon coast, the columbia river gorge, the mountains and even Bend, Oregon. You can check out another one of my favorite elopements in Bend at Sparks Lake here.

If you’re going to plan an elopement at Latourell Falls like Anna and Bryce, you also need to think about the perfect dress for a waterfall elopement. Since the trail takes you all the way to the base of the waterfall, there is a 99.999% chance you are going to get wet. My favorite dresses for elopements are just like Anna’s – they drop at the waist and allow for a lot of movement which looks great in photos. The power of the waterfall will undoubtedly blow your dress one way or the other, so that’s another reason why I love dresses with lots of movement. Anna got her dress from Brides for a Cause for only $75! I was freaking blown away. I absolutely loved the beading at the top – it was a simple yet beautiful gown that she dressed up with a crown of greenery. She looked like an ethereal princess straight out of a storybook.

Taking you back before the ceremony, these two got ready in an Airbnb that was only ten minutes away from Latourell Falls. I started off by photographing their details – Anna’s dress and Bryce’s shirt and tie. The two opened gifts and read letters from each other before they put on their wedding clothes. I love that they got ready in the same place. Although they still had a first look in their wedding clothes, they got to be close together and share that experience. I loved all of the perfect details they brought along with them – from a wooden ring box to her grandmother’s pearls and a leather bound vow book. Anna even had a jewelry tray with an “S” for Sutton. Everything went together so perfectly I was freaking DYING over these details!

They had a first look just outside the Airbnb. I love first looks even for elopements because it allows you to have yet another private moment with your fiance before the ceremony. Bryce’s smile could have lit up a thousand rooms when he saw Anna for the first time in her gown and jewelry. Her bouquet and crown were perfect – Wildflower Portland did an amazing job. Like I said, she looked straight out of a storybook and I was LIVING for it! He even had her do a few twirls in the dress which I thought was the cutest thing ever. After their first look they read more letters and Facetimed their family and friends before heading off to the waterfall.

Everything about this day was magical from start to finish. Latourell Falls is a perfect place to elope and I will 100% say yes any time a couple asks me to go there. If you are interested in booking your own special elopement or intimate wedding like Anna and Bryce’s, let’s freakin chat.

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    You are an INCREDIBLE photographer Leah! Keep making magic!✨

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