People always ask me what the #1 thing is that changed my business and the answer will always be investing in a mentor who believed in me -- and that is all I wish to be for you! I want to be an open book to answer allllll your questions (because community > competition), your number one cheerleader commenting ALLLL the heart eyes on your bomb IG photos, and new photog bestie! 

The most valuable thing you will ever do for your business is investing in yourself, because you are worth it. 

Get those snacks ready, BABE! Here we will dive into any questions you may have for me! Anything from starting your photography business, the software I use to run a smooth business, to sharing my screen and walking you through editing tips + tricks! I'm an open book and cannot wait to help you (virtually) level up your biz! 🤘🏼

$200 / hour

virtual meeting

The one where we became real life F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 🤪 I am SO excited to meet in person at a fave local coffee shop to go over questions you have for me, then road trip to a RAD location together in the PNW and shoot an actual couple together where I will walk you through a real life start to finish session where we will go over posing, camera settings, lighting, making your clients feel comfy in front of the camera, and setting you up for success at all your future sessions!

Starting at $800

in person

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